Team Umizoomi (Broadcast TV Production)



Ages 3-5 (preschool)

What this is

Team Umizoomi is a TV show that has aired on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. since 2010. It’s an animation/live action hybrid show with a preschool math curriculum.

What I did

I worked on the show production for Seasons 2-4, beginning as a Production Assistant and ending as a Production/Storyboard Coordinator. I got to work on a little bit of everything, and so I am very familiar with all parts of the preschool animation and live action production process. Within the production I worked with the teams responsible for research, writing, storyboarding, design, animation, voiceover, and live action. I also worked with various departments at the Nickelodeon network including programming, international, consumer products, legal, and interactive.

Here’s a more résumé-y breakdown of what I worked on in case that’s helpful:

  • Managed props, wardrobe, casting, storyboards and scripts for 7 live action shoots.

  • Tracked storyboard changes for Storyboard, Edit, Design and Animation departments for 20 episodes.

  • Kept script notes, scheduled recording sessions and prepared talent contracts and scripts for 150 voiceover sessions.

  • Created and delivered final episode documentation such as music cue sheets, “as broadcast” scripts, visual assets, and credits.

  • Liason between Team Umizoomi production and Nickelodeon corporate departments such as Legal, Interactive, International, Consumer Products and Programming.

  • Research assistant for 20 research sessions including formative, summative, and character testing research.