Need a Writer? Designer? Researcher? Producer? Product Manager? Editor? Art Director? Curriculum Creator? Kid Expert? Educational Consultant?

Let me be your one-woman kids digital media agency.

Need a Writer? Designer? Researcher? Producer? Product Manager? Editor? Art Director? Instructional Designer? Curriculum and Educational Consultant? Kid Expert?

Let me be your kid content/product Swiss Army Knife.


Writing and Content Creation

I have experience writing for preschool and elementary kids, their grown-ups, and their teachers. I’ve written interactive, video, digital and print content across several domains (cooking and nutrition, art, preschool literacy/ELA, preschool math) and am comfortable working in STEM, social studies, yoga and mindfulness, music, dance, or whatever new subject you need me to learn about. If your project needs a formal instructional design or curriculum/standards element, I can make sure the content covers your learning goals. Need video or imagery to go with the words? I can do that too.

Product Design and Research

Need help refining your idea? I can get you valuable user feedback no matter what stage you’re at- concept or script, prototype or storyboard, or finished product. I can also help you design UX/UI and interactivity for your product. I have experience across the project lifecycle with digital products and preschool television, and would love to work in other mediums (toys, podcasts, museum exhibits, etc).

Expert Consulting and Evaluation

Need someone to tell you if you’re on the right track with developmental appropriateness? With kids actually learning the thing you’re trying to teach them? If your product makes sense from a usability perspective? Some thoughts on competitive landscape or business strategy? Someone who “speaks kid”? I got you.

Project Management

Depending on the industry, you might call this title a “Producer,” “Product Manager,” “Editor,” or something else entirely. I am a people person adept at hiring talent and managing teams and schedules, while shaping the editorial vision for the project at the same time. I am very familiar with the television and digital/interactive product production processes.

Design and Art Direction

I can draw and paint and know my way around Illustrator and Photoshop. If you like my style I’m happy to make things for you myself, or I can connect you with other artists and designers if you’re looking for something different. I also have experience managing and giving feedback to other artists to execute the project vision.

Past Clients