Design Thinking and Prototyping

Grad school

Beginning in classes at Stanford's "" (Design School), I've practiced design thinking methodology in various contexts. If you’re not familiar, design thinking is the process you use to create a solution to a problem, and is similar to the scientific method. I’ve gotten lots of practice with this process in my coursework at Stanford, in my work at YouTube Kids, and for my company Nomster Chef. I am comfortable with various needfinding techniques, creating low-fidelity digital and physical prototypes, and testing prototypes to refine the idea.

A sample of some work I've done at the

  • Sketching and low-fidelity prototyping the ideal backpack for a classmate; designing and low-fidelity prototyping a toy to engage preschoolers’ senses.

  • Designing and prototyping the packaging for an Exploratorium Hotel welcome kit.

  • Designing the graphics, UI, and user flow for apps and prototyping it in Marvel App and

  • More here!

YouTube Kids

At YouTube Kids I helped prepare for several design sprints following Google’s Design Sprint methodology. In order to help the various team members get to know our users better, I prepared research artifacts like video clips, quotes, and survey responses for presentation. I then helped to lead the various design thinking exercises with the team and distilled the ideas generated from the sprints into presentation decks.